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Why you need a Newer Spreader ®

Manure disposal has become one of the more difficult problems for small horse farms. There is always the question of where to put it. More often than not, it's put into piles for days, weeks and even longer. You can hire someone to haul it away, but that is expensive and not always reliable. You can spread it by hand, but that's a back breaking job. Invariably the pile just stays there creating odor and attracting flies, which are a nuisance and a health threat to your horses. Then you have the additional problem of fly control. It has been shown that flies will travel several hundred feet between your barn and the manure pile.The BEST remedy for all these problems is to disperse the manure immediately after stall cleaning and to do it in a way that does not attract flies. If the manure is broken up into small pieces and spread out on the pasture or lawn, it will decompose very quickly, especially on a hot, sunny day. Then it is no longer attractive to flies. Plus, you receive the added benefit of providing a fertilizer and soil conditioner for your pasture.

"Old time" manure spreaders do not break up the manure adequately and with their many moving parts, they can require a great deal of maintenance. This is too time consuming and laborious for today's small farm owner. Newer Spreader® offers a solution to ALL of these problems, without creating new ones. The patented grinding drum crumbles the manure into small pieces and spreads it evenly over the ground as it is pulled with a small garden tractor, four wheeler or golf cart. The Newer Spreader ® has few moving parts, and being made of aluminum, it has an extremely long life with virtually no maintenance.

How To Use Your Newer Spreader:

Just fill the Newer Spreader® Model 100 or Model 200 with fresh manure and bedding from the stall or from your composted manure pile and drive to where you want to spread the manure. There is an engagement lever, one on each wheel. Just give them BOTH a gentle kick to engage them. Now the drum will turn with the wheels as you drive. As the drum turns, the manure is passed out the bottom of the spreader, crumbled and dropped in a 3 foot wide path, about a 1/2 - 3/4 inch thick. The Newer Spreader ® can discharge the manure-bedding going forward or in reverse. In about 200-300 feet, it is emptied and you are finished! The crumbled manure will decompose very quickly."


New Tractor Tread Solid Rubber Tires!

No Flat Tires Again EVER.       


The Newer Spreader®100 and Model 200 comes with a drop pin type hitch. An optional 2" ball hitch is available for an additional charge of $35.00.

Optional 2" Ball Hitch

Model 100 Specifications:
  • Lightweight, mill-finish aluminum, 1/8" thick, 110 pounds.
  • Balanced,  fully or partially loaded.
  • Smooth and quiet discharge of the manure  and bedding.
  • Empties the load in about 200 feet.
  • Holds 8 cubic feet of  material, approximately 7 bushels.
  • Length - 6 ft. Long - 4 ft. wide  - 2 feet high
  • Weight - approx. 110 lbs.
Model 200 Specification:
  • Lightweight, mill-finish aluminum, 1/8" thick, 125 pounds.
  • Balanced,  fully or partially loaded.
  • Smooth and quiet discharge of the manure and 
  • Empties the load in about 300 feet. Holds 13 cubic feet of  material, which is approximately 11 bushels.
  • Length - 6 ft. - 4  ft. Wide - 31 inches in height
  • Weight - approx. 125 lbs."

Model 100


Shown with optional Agitator installed.



Original Model #100
$995 + $110 UPS Shipping/handling

Model #125:
$1,075.00 + $110 Shipping/handling

Model #200
$1,325 + $120 UPS Shipping/handling

Model #225
$1,395.00 + $120 UPS Shipping/handling

We ship an unassembled Newer Spreader by UPS. It is not difficult to finish assembling. The cost for shipping a Model 100 Newer Spreader is $110.00 and the cost for shipping the Model 200 is $120.00, to anywhere in the continental United States. We can also ship either the Model 100 or the Model 200 by UPS Mostly Assembled* for a flat fee of $279.00.

*All that is left to assemble are the Tongue rails with the Hitch and Wood Trim at the top.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards.



Heavy 18 ounce vinyl/poly tarps. Available for both the Model 100 and Model 200.

Click to view larger


The Relief Panel is made of Stainless Steel and is spring-loaded. This
change will allow the Newer Spreader to pass small rocks, sticks and
frozen manure up to 1 1/2" inches without bending the panel. The
Relief Panel does come standard on both the Model 100 and the Model 200.

relief panel


The Agitator is placed on top of the drum to prevent bridging of the manure and/or bedding over the top of the drum. The agitator is helpful: If you bed with shavings on rubber mats and you must remove a lot of wet, soiled shavings. If you are picking up straight manure with no bedding and it's very wet.

*Now STANDARD on all Model 100 units!!

*Also STANDARD on all Model 200 units!!"



The Model 100 Agitator is available for purchase if you want to add it to an older* unit. The cost is $75.00 plus Shipping/Handling ($20)
*The Agitator comes as standard equipment on our current units.


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